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 List Of Staff Positions

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Headmaster Night Rose
Headmaster Night Rose

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PostSubject: List Of Staff Positions   List Of Staff Positions I_icon_minitimeWed May 11, 2016 5:05 pm

The Headmaster

A mission statment from the Headmaster: "How do you expect to outrun me? when I, am ALREADY HERE? " as well as "The echoes of your screams will fly toward the heavens. only to crash back down and burn to death in this hell I have made, that I give unto you. Cry to your god, but only the devil is listening."That is all.

"Hello, excuse the interruption. You may refer to me as Doc Scratch, seeing as I am a most excellent host I must inform you of the details surrounding the mystery that is the Headmaster. He is the absolute ruler of this fine establishment, a Lord you could say. Please do not waste his time with foolish pursuits. This academy is his castle, his personal home. As such you are to respect everything within these halls. All questions directed toward him are to be filtered through me, the text that appears on the board across the hall from his office door labeled Doc Scratch, Personal Assistant Of Headmaster Night Rose. Please submit all questions, comments and concerns to the various forms on this board. The Headmaster views all in his domain his property. He has gotten the assistance of a Headmistress in these actions. He does not like loosing track of his possessions so he has fitted you all, including the professors, with a tracking bracelet, set to explode should you attempt to escape. With that said, The Headmaster would like to welcome each and every one of you to this, the pinnacle of higher learning. Good day to you all."
Crypt Keepers

Each Crypt Keeper is in charge of maintaining the Crypts that make up each House. There are three Crypt Keepers to a House.


The professors each teach a different subject, they are pawns of the Headmaster's will. They do as he commands or suffer a terrible fate as befell those who worked before whom did not heed his warnings when they displeased him.

Grounds Keepers

The grounds keepers are a series of people who work for The Headmaster. Those who tend his garden, those who care for his animals, those who hunt down missing students. Basically those who have jobs outside of merely teaching.


The priests are those that enforce the dark, ominous morbid feeling of the academy. They radiate fatality and promise a swift death to any student who seeks to blaspheme the name and word of the Headmaster.
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List Of Staff Positions
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